About YAAKOV Commercial ice Machines

YAAKOV is a brand focused on developing catering equipment, established in Shanghai, China in 1978.

We are a professional catering equipment factory, specializing in the production and sales of catering equipment products. The senior engineering team has accumulated long-term technical research, adopted advanced technology and processes, standardized and automated production processes, strict quality testing, and gained widespread recognition from users at home and abroad. The cumulative sales have exceeded 50 million units; Widely used in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, tea shops, KTVs, bars and other places.

We produce refrigeration equipment such as commercial ice makers and ice cream machines; At the same time, we also produce beverage equipment such as coffee machines and milk tea machines. If you need other catering equipment or customized equipment, please contact us and we will provide the most suitable solution for you.


Commercial ice makers

YAAKOV Commercial ice Machine Maker 650LBS/24H Commercial ice Maker Machine with 400LBS ice Maker Commercial Large Storage Bin,Ice Maker Machine Stainless Steel for Bar Cafe Restaurant Bussiness.






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